Just What Exactly is Apple Up To?

John Maxwell Hobbs

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There are a lot of articles analysing Apple’s new music service. (James Cridland’s got a good list of them here.)

The majority of them are coming from tech journalists, and unfortunately, they suffer from a major lack of knowledge of how the music business actually works. They are worth reading, but prepare yourself for a lot of confusing the tray for the meal.

Where most of the current analysis falls down is by treating the three elements of the service, Beats 1, Connect, and the streaming service as unconnected.

1. The Beats deal. Most of the press has been scratching their heads as to why Apple would spend US$3billion to buy a headphone company and a streaming music service with a small subscriber base. The answer is that it’s not about the hardware. They spent US$3billion to buy Jimmy Iovine, one…

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Vanguard Visions @ Cyberlab

Vanguard Visions @ CyberLab was an ongoing exhibition of artworks that explored multimedia and related technologies as tools of artistic expression. The program was a partnership between Ericsson CyberLab NY and Vanguard Visions.

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Artists selected for CyberLab NY exhibitions:

Ken Butler

A multimedia musician and artist who creates hybrid musical instruments from everyday objects.

Meghan Boody

A multimedia artist experimenting with the placement of computer chips in industrial piping to serve as time capsules to be tapped by the viewer.

Gisela Gamper

A fine art photographer working with digitally manipulated images reproduced as large format Iris prints.

Kathryn Greene

A digital multimedia artist working with light and reflection in three-dimensional forms.

Ray Rapp

A video artist creating installations that transform the way we view video as an art form.

Tom Moody

A visual artist creating original computer-generated designs through the manipulation of messages between the computer and the network printer.

Vanguard Visions @ Cspace

Cspace was a special program located in the Atrium of Citicorp Center in Midtown Manhattan. The Atrium is a public space surrounded by 3 levels of retail stores. Vanguard Visions produced a year-long series of vanguard artists whose work with multimedia performance, installations and new technologies offered the public an awareness of work transforming the relationship between art, culture and the public. The name Cspace was created as a way to identify the space . . . Citicorp space, cyberspace, creative space and community space. Conceptually, Cspace was the intersection of artistic, public and commercial space. Vanguard Visions’ relationship with Citicorp’s atrium offered unique possibilities for shifting the paradigm of what we consider to be public art.


The series focused on Multimedia Performances, Sonic Art Installations, Video Installations, a Vanguard Lecture Series.


Artists whose work was selected for performance and exhibition in 1998 included: Ken Butler, Chrysanne Stathacos in association with Creative Time Inc. and Lombard/Fried Gallery, WE (DJ Olive, Lloop, Once 11), Van McElwee in association with Hugo de Pagano Gallery, David Gamper and Straylight (Jason Finkelman, Geoff Gersh, Charles Cohen).


Special thanks to Ilana Dreyer, former Vice President of Retail Operations at Citicorp.


Special thanks and appreciation to Felicia Pollaro Caruso, Marketing Manager at Citicorp Center.

Thanks to Kathryn Wendt, intern extraordinaire.

Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art

Doulton Fountain - Outside The People's Palace...

A review of the 2012 Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art:

Glasgow’s art scene has evolved on its own terms—always mingling the gutsy and the experimental. Showcasing work by over 130 artists in diverse sites across of the city, this year’s festival encapsulates the city’s energy with a thoughtful range of new installations.

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Stephen Sutcliffe

Review of Stephen Sutcliff at Stills Gallery, Edinburgh

Through his astute method of collage, Glasgow-based artist Stephen Sutcliffe’s exhibition “Runaway, Success,” addresses the nature of the awkwardness—self-doubt, uncertainty, risk—that is inherent in the creative process. Overlaying colors and hand-drawn images on film footage and adding sound tracks in his videos, Sutcliffe performs experiments that destabilize and cast doubt on originality.

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Ulla von Brandenburg

Review of Ulla von Brandenburg at The Common Guild, Glasgow

Experimenting with the concept of Gesamtkunstwerk, German artist Ulla von Brandenburg’s exhibition “Neue Alte Welt” (New Old World) centers on Chorspiel (Choir Games), 2010, a black-and-white operatic film with text, music, and concept by the artist.

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Princess of Sweden, Queen of Belgium

Princess Astrid of Sweden on her engagement da...

Princess Astrid of Sweden on her engagement day with prince Leopold III of Belgium. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Article about Princess Astrid of Sweden, who later became the Queen of Belgium.

The Royal Palace in Stockholm will hold an exhibition in honour of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Princess Astrid, who later became the Queen of Belgium. A spontaneous and warm-hearted royal, she charmed both nations with her beauty and charisma during her short, dramatic life.

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