Vanguard Visions, Inc.

transforming the relationship between art, culture and the public

Lauren Dyer Amazeen formed Vanguard Visions Inc. in 1997 in New York City. She has spent the past 20 years working with and writing about visionary artists and creative thinkers whose work transforms the way we perceive culture and the human experience.

She is based in Glasgow and  Stockholm and where she is an art critic and freelance writer, as well as executive producer of Vanguard Visions. She is writes for Art Forum and is the and arts and culture contributor to The Swedish Bulletin. She is a member of the Association of International Art Critics, London chapter.

VANGUARD VISIONS, Inc. is a not for profit corporation created to provide wider audiences, new venues and independent networks for an artistic vanguard.

V V strives to remain agile, and respond to the unpredictable, often tumultuous, and persistently changing environment of contemporary society.

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