Vanguard Visions @ Cyberlab

Vanguard Visions @ CyberLab was an ongoing exhibition of artworks that explored multimedia and related technologies as tools of artistic expression. The program was a partnership between Ericsson CyberLab NY and Vanguard Visions.

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Artists selected for CyberLab NY exhibitions:

Ken Butler

A multimedia musician and artist who creates hybrid musical instruments from everyday objects.

Meghan Boody

A multimedia artist experimenting with the placement of computer chips in industrial piping to serve as time capsules to be tapped by the viewer.

Gisela Gamper

A fine art photographer working with digitally manipulated images reproduced as large format Iris prints.

Kathryn Greene

A digital multimedia artist working with light and reflection in three-dimensional forms.

Ray Rapp

A video artist creating installations that transform the way we view video as an art form.

Tom Moody

A visual artist creating original computer-generated designs through the manipulation of messages between the computer and the network printer.

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